A young designer of many photo types. Silly, Ridiculous, Funny, Excitement, and much more. Just Check Me OUT

Permalink  New Hobby Of Mine.
Permalink Having a baby face moment.
Permalink This is a picture of my friend Jaylen. With this picture I only used a vintage effect. I think it makes the picture seem kind of professional.I also think she would make a great model.
Permalink This Image Was Created With Instagram. Instagram Is A App. I Have On My Cellular Device. You Can Share All Types Of Pictures With Mutiple Effects To Choose From. The Effect I Used Was Called X-Pro If I’m Not Mistaking. It Make The Picture Color Enhance More And Boosted.  
Permalink Beautiful
Permalink The smallest effect can make a picture look better then its best.
Permalink Just show me how creative you can be. Don’t have to be perfect just have confidence and a proud feeling. Also created using a app on my Android, can’t give you names though its a secret…
Permalink At the saddest moments you can still wear a smile(: Never forget about your happiness. By the way photo shop is not a picture editor I use. It’s to common with in most picture designs. First pic of the blog I used a special effect on my phone.

Getting started.

To Introduce My Blog I Just Want To Say An Up Coming Photographer Who Creativity Seems To Explode Onto A Photo. I Don’t Know What Comes Over Me But I Love To Try Different Highlights, Styles, And Effects On Pictures. Just Check Me Out Thanks